Following receipt of your registration fee, your place on the tour is confirmed, a contract is deemed to exist and you then accept The Big Adventure Company Terms and Conditions as below.

Your registration fee will secure your place and is non-refundable. We require you to pay a further instalment (50% of remaining balance) no later than twenty weeks before the start of the tour and the final balance is to be paid no later than ten weeks before the start of the tour. Many participants prefer to meet this schedule by instalment payments and we encourage you to pay in this way – please speak with our team to discuss this further. If we do not receive the payments detailed above on time, your place on the tour may be at risk, subsequently cancelled and cancellation fees applied.

As members of the Travel Trust Association (membership number Q2595) we have taken out and will maintain insurance cover as required under the said 1992 Regulations in respect of the refund of monies paid to us by tour participation and their repatriation in the event of our insolvency. For full details, please see

The Big Adventure Travel Company Ltd (t/a The Big Adventure Company) is a company registered in England and Wales with Company No: 8608558. Registered Address: 280 High Street, Batheaston, Bath BA1 7RA, UK. VAT No: 17885435

Prices shown on our website are correct at the time of going to press. We make every endeavour to keep these prices, but changes in taxes or exchange rates may lead to surcharges. In this instance, we reserve the right to add a surcharge, the first 2% of which will be absorbed by us. No surcharges will be added without prior notification or within 30 days prior to departure.

Please see the website information specific to your tour.

Excluded from all prices given (unless specifically stated) are personal travel insurance, flights, visas (where applicable), pre-and post-tour accommodation, transfers to and from the UK airport and single room supplements. Also excluded (unless specifically stated) are specialist kit and clothing, drinks, souvenirs and additional request items. Such costs are specified where relevant and are your responsibility.

If we book your flights, you will be issued with an ATOL Certificate which will protect your booking.

Adequate travel insurance is essential. You will be responsible for your own travel insurance which must not exclude riding a motorcycle or driving a car in a foreign country. The organisers strongly recommend that suitable travel insurance is obtained by the participant as soon as possible after signing up for the tour as this should provide cover against cancellation charges, unexpected curtailment of the trip, medical expenses arising overseas, loss or damage to luggage and personal liability claims. Proof of travel insurance will be requested. You are not required to provide insurance cover for the vehicle itself but should damage occur to your machine through rider/driver error you will be liable for the cost of repair. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance cover you purchase is suitable and adequate for your particular needs.

If you are prevented from participating in the tour for any reason we require written confirmation of your intention to withdraw from the tour. It is your responsibility to ensure such notification is received. Cancellation charges are as follows:

140 or more days prior to departure, loss of registration fee
71-139 days prior to departure, loss of registration fee and any irrecoverable costs
43-70 days prior to departure, 50% cancellation charge
22-42 days prior to departure, 75% cancellation charge
0-21 days prior to departure, 100% cancellation charge
A no-show always incurs 100% cancellation charge

There are no refunds if you curtail a tour or are asked to leave a tour (see PARTICIPATION for further details). Flight cancellation charges are in accordance with the airline’s ticket rules, and not with the scale above.

Transfer of participation to a different tour:
You have the option to transfer to an alternative tour date. This transfer option can only be utilised once. The cancellation charges detailed above will apply, however the registration fee will not be forfeited. Any costs which have been incurred will be deducted from the amount transferred to the subsequent tour. If you fail to take up your place on the following year’s tour, your initial registration fee will be forfeited. If there is a price change for the subsequent year’s tour, you will be required to pay this new price to participate.

Transfer to another participant:
If you are prevented from participating in the tour, you may opt to transfer your booking to another person who satisfies all the conditions applicable to the tour. This must be done at least 30 days before departure and cannot be a transferring of funds to an existing participant.

Note: If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges but it is your sole responsibility to do so and we accept no liability for any acts or omissions of your insurance company.

We reserve the right to make changes to, or correct errors in published and other details (before and after registration) and even to cancel confirmed places.

We reserve the right to cancel tours up to 14 days prior to commencement if minimum tour numbers have not been reached or if rental vehicles are no longer available. Minimum numbers are typically 8 vehicles (sometimes less). We will give you as much warning as possible of any significant change/cancellation and we will offer you the choice of accepting the changed arrangements or cancelling. If there is no suitable alternative, or you choose not to accept the alternative, then the tour cost will be refunded in full, which will constitute full settlement.

Compensation will not be payable and no liability will be accepted by us where we are forced to make a change or cancel as a result of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which we could not have avoided even with all due care. Further, no compensation will be payable and the above options will not be available if we cancel as a result of your failure to comply with any requirement of these Conditions entitling us to cancel or if the change made is a minor one. A minor change is any change which, taking account of the information you have given us at the time of registration or which we can fairly be expected to know, we could not reasonably expect to have a significant effect on the tour.

We reserve the right to accept, decline or retain any customer from any tour/rental at any time, and to cancel any contract on grounds of non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions, those of our suppliers, local traffic regulations or the supplier’s requirements for group travel. In such circumstances no refund will be due. We are under no obligation to refund the cost of additional arrangements not made with The Big Adventure Company, such as flights.

We will not be liable to you if the performance of our obligations or those of any supplier is prevented or affected by you or if you otherwise suffer any damage or loss as a result of “force majeure”, which means any event which we or the supplier of the relevant service(s) could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events include war or threat of war, riot, civil strike, actual, threatened or suspected terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and any similar events outside our control.

We will make sure that the arrangements we have agreed to make or provide as part of our contract with you are made or provided with reasonable skill and care. This means that, subject to these Conditions, we will accept responsibility if, for example, the arrangements are deficient as a result of such failure by ourselves, our employees, agents or suppliers. It will be your responsibility to show that reasonable skill and care has not been used if you make a claim against us. Also, we will only be responsible for what our employees, agents and suppliers do or do not do if they were at the relevant time acting within the course of their employment (for employees) or carrying out work we had asked them to do (for agents and suppliers).

For all claims which do not involve death or personal injury, if we are found liable to you on any basis the maximum amount we will have to pay you is the amount paid by you to us in respect of the tour. We will not be responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss (e.g. loss of enjoyment), damage, expense, cost or other sum or claim of any description whatsoever which results from any act and/or omission of the person affected or the act and/or omission of a third party which were unforeseeable or unavoidable or “force majeure” as defined above. We do not accept responsibility for any services which do not form part of our contract with you, such as additional service or facility which any supplier agrees to provide for you if the service or facilities are not advertised in our publicity materials and we have not specifically agreed to arrange them.

You must have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity after your return date. It is your responsibility to ensure this, to ensure that you comply with the entry regulations for the country(ies) you are visiting, to obtain and pay for any visas that may be required, and to take all necessary documentation. You should allow at least 6 weeks for passport applications and visas to be processed, but it is your responsibility to check with the relevant suppliers for expected processing times. If you are denied entry into any country that is a part of the tour for any reason whatsoever, then we will not be liable to refund the amounts paid by you with respect to the tour.

It is mandatory to possess a valid driving/motorcycle license and a valid International driving license and/or any other legal documentation that is required under local or international laws to participate in the tour. You must carry these documents with you at all times during the tour.

It is your responsibility to check with your doctor which immunisations you require for your tour.

Where possible, we will provide third party vehicle insurance for the duration of the tour covering you in respect of a third party vehicle accident. You accept that your allocated vehicle is on short term loan to you for the period of the tour only and you will be required to leave a security/damage deposit and sign a handover document at the start of your tour. This will be in country upon handover of your vehicle. Specific details will be provided to you before the tour, but the amount is typically £300-£400 cash only. Any costs associated with the repair of your vehicle due to rider/driver error or careless riding/driving will be your responsibility. Damages will usually be advised and deducted by our team locally at the end of the event.

In the event of mechanical breakdown or accident, report this immediately to our team. Do not undertake repairs without the prior agreement of our team. In the event of an accident, always report it to the police immediately, obtain an accident report number, and notify our team. Our team will make every effort to provide repair facilities or a replacement vehicle, but is not obliged to do so.

While on a tour, we or anyone duly authorised by us, may take photographs and/or film videos or record audios of participants of the tour or other aspects of the tour for promotional, publicity or informational purposes. This material may be used on our website, other websites media or broadcast channels, or in books, magazines, brochures, articles, newspapers, periodicals, on television, in documentaries and/or films or in advertising and/or any publicity material. You expressly waive the condition of obtaining your prior consent and/or asking for payment/ remuneration in respect of such material/s.

Whilst on the tour, if you have any complaints in respect of the tour or the tour operator, you are requested to inform The Big Adventure Company representative present during the tour. In case the complaint cannot be resolved whilst on the tour by our representative, you are requested to submit your complaint to us on within 28 days from the date of the incident. This will enable us to make a timely investigation. We will not consider complaints received after the 28 day period mentioned above.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email us at

Participation on the tour is entirely at your own risk.

We expect a level of competency and an ability to fully control your vehicle at all times. You accept that travelling in the destinations we visit can be dangerous and unpredictable. You will heed the advice of the organisers about the conditions, including that given to you during the introduction speeches. You will take proper care to ensure your own safety and will not put any third party at risk by reckless or dangerous riding. You are responsible to follow the local laws and the local road traffic regulations.

You accept that any accidents you are involved in are to be resolved by you, your insurance provider and the third party only.

When booking a tour we assume that you have carefully read the tour itinerary and are fully aware of the route, destinations and the approximate mileages for each day and have made the judgment that it is an appropriate tour for you to undertake.

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. You agree to comply with the authority and decisions of the appointed tour manager or representative and abide by the laws of the country and/ or state in which the tour is conducted. There may be times when the tour manager or representative has to make a decision in your best interests or the best interests of the tour group. For the benefit of all participants, we reserve the right to discontinue the participation of any traveller whose conduct is deemed incompatible with the interests of the other participants. In such events, no refund will be given and you will be responsible for your own repatriation and related costs and have no claims against us.

If you make changes to the itinerary before, during or after the tour you alone will be liable for anything resulting therefrom. This includes going off route where you will be without support of the team members or medics.

You accept that due to the nature of the tour you may be out of reach of medical assistance at various times before, during and after it. You accept that immediate medical assistance may not always be possible and that due to the distances covered each day during the tour, you may be many hours from hospital and at times medical assistance may be delayed by reason of circumstances such as heavy traffic, attendance at another accident or vehicles breaking down.

We prohibit consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs during any ride/driving day. You accept that it is illegal to ride/drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and that if caught you could face criminal charges. You acknowledge that if the organisers believe you to be incapable of riding/driving (for any reason) they can remove you from the tour until they decide you are fit to take part.

You understand that you will be required to share rooms with other participants. You are aware that due to the remoteness of parts of the route, at times it may be necessary to sleep more than two to a room. You understand that in some of the accommodation our requirement for twin-bedded rooms may exceed the supply and only double beds may be available.

You are responsible for looking after your personal belongings whilst travelling. You accept that any damage or breakages caused by you during your stay in hotels or at other accommodation during the tour will be your responsibility.

You are aware that you must bring with you all items marked ‘essential’ on the kit list provided and use them at all times during the tour.

You will provide a letter from your doctor confirming that you can safely participate in the tour should we request it at any time.

You acknowledge that there are risks involved in any adventure travel activity, including, but not limited to the dangers of travelling in mountainous terrain, high altitude, forces of nature, civil unrest, terrorism, travel by aircraft, truck, bus, jeep, car, motorcycle, bicycle, watercraft or any other means of transportation, accident or illness in remote areas without means for rapid evacuation or medical facilities.

By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, you accept full responsibility for your own safety and wellbeing and will not hold The Big Adventure Company or any of its representatives, agents or employees responsible for any loss, damage or injury.