Our Big Nepal Adventure by Matt Hogg - Part 3

Here is the 3rd and final instalment of Matt Hogg's brilliant blog about his trip to Nepal in September 2015. 

Matt led our Nepal Dirt Bike Adventure and the group certainly faced some tough riding conditions as it was the tail end of the rainy season, but they all came together as one team and pushed through the challenges to have an epic time on their Himalayan adventure. A huge well done and thank you to Matt for leading his first trip and bringing the troops back safe!

Ride Day 8 - Jomsom - Tatopani

I was sad to leave the heart of the Himalayas, but was nontheless was quite excited to ride the rocky road back down to Tatopani. The reverse trip seems like an entirely new route, but every now and then we’d notice places we’d been days earlier. We pushed on all day, and made it back to the hot springs of Tatopani, where we drank cold beer in the hot pools and let our minds swim in all that we’d scene and done.

Lake Titi near Lete

Ride Day 9 - Tatopani - Pokhara

Heading back the way we came, we eventually came back to the massive waterfall. It was time for a break, so the two Peters and Pasang got off their bikes and climbed hundreds of steps up the steep mountain side, to a tiny temple positioned way up the 200m high waterfall. Shaun, Govinda and I lounged around at the base of the falls, taking many photos and enjoying the endless rythym of the huge waterfall, that left us all in awe of the magic and power of mother nature.

Rest day in Pokhara

The vibe in Pokhara is very chill and the perfect place for a rest day. The small city sits on the edge of a beautiful lake, and the Annapurna Mountain Range looms in the distance, where we’d just come from. We had a leasurely brunch by the lake, then wandered around the shopping street, buying gifts and momentos from the locals. We ate a delicious lunch and dinner, and had plenty of beer to cool us down from the warm Nepalese sunshine.

Ride Day 10 - Pokhara - Kathmandu

The final ride day in Nepal. It was long and gruelling. 200km or so, on the super busy highway, on dirt bikes. It takes great concentration, as there are SO many hazards around. Constant overtaking by you and every other vehicle, cows sleeping on the centre line, brazen pedestrians who step into moving traffic and somehow don’t get hit and random holes and cracks in the road are just some of the delights of the ride back to Kathmandu. We stopped in at Riverside for lunch and a rest, then powered on right to the city from there. It was still a fun day.

That evening we celebrated the glory of dirt biking in Nepal with a dinner and drinks at Reef Bar. The journey that we’d been on brought us close, so it was a jolly finale to a great trip.

Last Day

We slept in, shopped, wandered around Kathmandu, then took our respective flights home. Awesome trip. Thanks to everyone involved!

Awesome trip. Thanks to everyone involved!

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