Dirt Bike Adventures in Romania

Our Romania Dirt Bike Long Weekender is an ultra-concentrated adventure designed to push your riding skills to the limits. We spend 3 full days riding on steep narrow trails through endless forests in the Carpathian Mountains in Central Romania. This region is a Mecca for off-road motorcycling and it really doesn’t get much better than this!

Although this is the shortest trip we offer, by no means is it an ‘easy’ adventure. This is a tough, physically demanding and challenging experience which will take you right out of your comfort zone.

Are you ready for a big adventure in Romania? Read this blog post about our trip in May 2016 and then call us to book your place!

Our adventure started in Romania’s capital city, Bucharest. We flew in from Luton Airport with Wizz Air and we arrived mid-afternoon. Ryan Air & Wizz Air offer low cost flights to Bucharest (OTP). British Airways also offer scheduled flights so there are lots of options for getting there.

From Bucharest we drove approximately 160kms north towards the stunning Transylvania region of Central Romania (Lonely Planet has ranked Transylvania as their number 1 region to visit in their ‘Best in Travel 2016’ list). Although we were all tired after our early morning flight, we tried to stay awake during the transfer to appreciate the breathtaking mountain scenery.

The snowcapped Carpathian Mountains

By late afternoon we arrived at our base which was a charming hotel in a small village just outside of Brasov surrounded by the mountain peaks and forests of the Southern Carpathians. After checking into our accommodation we assigned the bikes and briefed the group on the plans for the next three days. The less experienced riders could stick to the beginner/ intermediate tracks, whilst the more experienced riders could conquer the harder trails. 

A lunchtime break overlooking Romania's premier ski resort Poiana Brasov

Our small group spent the next three days riding together on challenging tracks and trails through dense pine forests and open fields in the wilderness of the ‘Transylvanian Alps’. We were typically out from 9am until around 630-7pm, but during the day we had plenty of opportunities to stop and take photographs of the incredible mountain landscapes. We also stopped every now and then to drink some water or have lunch in a restaurant owned by warm and friendly locals.

The mountains and forests in this region have a range of wildlife including one of the largest populations of brown bears in Europe, wild cats and wolves. On our second day we found mother bear and baby bear paw prints on the trail, but thankfully we didn’t meet daddy bear along the way!

Stunning views of Romania's Carpathian Mountains

The riding was physically hard-work and demanding especially on the hard enduro trails, but we loved every minute of it. It was a pure adrenaline rush riding on the professional tracks which some of the best offroad riders in the business, including Jonny Walker, Chris Birch, Wade Young and Graham Jarvis, use as a warm up to the Red Bull Romaniacs (an extreme off-road motorcycle race which has taken place annually in Romania since 2004). Everyone in our group, regardless of their riding ability, pushed their riding skills to the limit and we all felt like more experienced and competent riders by the end of the weekend. Our Romanian team have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm and they encouraged our group to tackle the harder trails. Their passion for off-roading and their knowledge of the tracks and trails was simply incredible and it was an absolute pleasure to ride with them.

Riding over the snowcapped mountains was a real buzz

At the end of our third day of riding we handed back our bikes and jumped in a mini-bus to Bucharest where we had a night out on the town. We were exhausted, but we all felt that we’d all really pushed ourselves over the weekend and we’d definitely left our comfort zones. As we headed back to the airport the following day we were already talking about returning to Romania for another big adventure later in the year. We all felt that we’d made great friends and unforgettable memories!

Offroading in the forests of the Carpathian Mountains - it really doesn’t get much better than this!

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