Dilly The Beagle Biker

Last year, fellow Big Adventurer John Allan, joined us on our Romania Dirt Bike Long Weekender. After completing this challenge he asked his wife if she would like to take her motorcycle test so they could travel around the world together with their loving companion Dilly the Beagle. She accepted and the rest is history! 

Read on for this inspiring story of a bond over motorcycles, travel and the love for biker dogs. 

Last year John was in touch with us to update us on his wife Mel Allan's great achievement on passing her motorcycle test and that she was finding her feet on a Tiger 800. A year on, Mel Allan got in touch to tell her story.

Mel's dog Dilly had no idea that her new mode of transport was going to involve the wind flapping in her ears on the back of a motorcycle. She loves every second of it! Mel is currently riding a Scrambler Ducati with a dog box attached. Dilly gets her fair share of attention when they are out on the road. Mel said "You see folks getting their cameras out to film". People think Dilly has been a biker dog for years but her first time on the bike she took to it straight away. One of Mel's favourite stories was when a young boy in a car opposite saw Dilly passing and his face lit up, you could see him telling everyone in the car to look at the beagle biker.

Dilly has a tartan coat and a blanket while inside her dog box on the motorbike, she gets strapped in and mostly sticks her head out as she is protected from the wind. John rides behind on their riding adventures to keep an eye on Dilly and they chat on their intercom so Mel can be kept updated on what Dilly is doing. If Dilly is ever cold she tucks herself down in the warmth of the dog box. She currently wears a dog helmet but they are thinking of putting a buff on her to stop her ears flapping and to keep her warm - Sounds like the perfect christmas present for her.

Mel's thoughts on why a Beagle would enjoy this so much is because they love to run long distances and after a motorcycle ride when she gets home she always crashes out on her bed.

John has said he will be back for another Big Adventure and we hope that Mel will come along for the ride. Good luck on your travels with Dilly and hope to hear from you both soon.


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