Day of the dead in Bolivia

Many countries in South America have a tradition to celebrate 'Dia De Los Mertos' which you may know as 'Day of the Dead'.

The Big Adventure Company have been travelling to Bolivia for many years by Adventure Bike and Jeep. We consider it the heart of our company. We are thankful for the country's diverse beauty, challenging off-road terrain and their cultural values. If you want to learn more about this culture then please read on.

'Dia De Los Muerto's is an important celebration for indigenous Bolivian families. They believe it provides one day a year for the living to be reunited with the departed. Death in Bolivia is not seen as the end but simply a continuation of life, a journey from which you can always return

The Big Adventurers on El Camino de la Muerte 'Road of Death' - Bolivia Motorcycle Adventure

On November 2nd, cemeteries throughout Bolivia will be visited by thousands to pray, play music and decorate their loved ones grave with flowers and leave a large spread of food for the deceased. The spiritual meaning behind the offering of food is to help the spirit's journey to the afterlife. Bread will be baked into symbolic shapes of angels, bulls (representing prosperity) and ladders (a pathway to heaven for the dead). 

Photo credit - Pablo Andrés Rivero 

On our Big Adventure in Bolivia we end our tour in the city of La Paz. The largest cemetery in Bolivia is here and is considered the most celebrated by the Bolivians on Day of the Dead.

Photo credit - Matthew Straubmuller 

On our trips to Bolivia by Adventure Bike and Jeep we also visit Potosi. In the homes of the families in Potosi, a table of food will be prepared which was their loved ones favourite and ashtrays would be placed beneath the table. It is believed that at midday, the spirits arrive at the houses of each individual family. The spirit of the dead will place their feet on the ashtrays and footprints are then visible to show the dead have arrived.

The Big Adventurers in dinner celebrations of their travels - Bolivia Jeep Adventure

The Big Adventurers in Potosi - Bolivia Motorcycle Adventure

Are you ready for a Big Adventure in Bolivia? If you are intrigued to learn more about their culture then enquire now for next year to travel with us by Adventure Bike or Jeep, to see more on what this unique country has to offer.

Big Adventuers learning the Bolivian way - Bolivia Motorcycle Adventure

Bolivia, we can't wait to come back. Until next year!

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