Cambodian Drinks and Shenanigans

To survive a Cambodia Dirt Bike Adventure, you need to stay hydrated. During the day you will be tackling the jungle phenomenon of the endless single track trails and a refreshing drink could not be more rewarding.

Read on to learn the Cambodian way of life and drinks to try along the way. This sensational riding route can not fail to disappoint anyone looking for an adventure. Ready to ride? Enquire now

Sugarcane juice 
You may be surprised to hear that sugarcane can be good for your health if made the Cambodian way. Many countries around the world use the method of crushing sugarcane through a press to squeeze out liquid. A benefit of this method is all waste is biodegradable. By drinking sugar based drinks this way means no processing has taken place, you just get the raw product and it is super hydrating.

If you are thirsty along the ride is it recommended to have a hydration pack of at least 3 litres capacity. This is the best way to carry drinking water; the pack is carried in a purpose-made rucksack and the water is fed through a drinking tube. This enables the rider to take on fluids throughout the day without the need to stop and remove the helmet. The rucksack can also be used to carry small items of kit.

Do not drink
On our gas breaks to fuel up the dirt bikes, you may see a tempting bottle to hydrate after a hot days ride. These are not to be drunk as they are filled with fuel for your bike.

Rum and Coconut
Coconut based drinks are popular all across South East Asia especially in Cambodia. Our riders spent a rest day on rabbit island enjoying rum based cocktails made with coconut and sugar cane as the glowing Cambodian sun set. Truly a night to remember.

A cold one
A refreshing cold Anchor beer never tasted better and is the ideal reward after an exhilarating off-road ride through the Cambodian jungle. This is our superb Khmer support team cruising on the river in Koh Kong after a day of incredible trail riding on our Cambodia Dirt Bike Adventure in 2017. Other local beers worth mentioning; Beer Lao, Tiger and Cambodia lager.

If ordinary is not in your nature then an adventure exploring the jungles and ancient temples of Cambodia is a must - Cambodia Dirt Bike Adventure

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal" - Paulo Coelho 

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