The legend lives on - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

One of the greatest wild west tales is about the legendary Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. On our Bolivia Adventure we explore high and wide for the true western experience to see that this beautiful region is as captivating as it was back then.

This November is the 110th anniversary of Butch and Sundance's final shootout. Read on to learn more of the legend of the bandits and their final escapade.

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On our ride across Bolivia you will experience your own adrenaline filled adventure and your imagination will go wild when we reach Uyuni, this is where the duo Butch and Sundance tried to flee to the border of Chile but were stopped for the historic showdown. During our trip we explore the cemetery of the Union Pacific Trains where we’ll get to see the final train Butch and Sundance robbed when it was a working railway. They now lay rusting on the outskirts of town, which is surreal to explore.
The Big Adventure Company at the train cemetery for the Union Pacific Trains

If you are not familiar with the story, Butch and Sundance fled to South America in 1901 to run from their bounty from the Pinkerton Detective Agency (now known as the FBI). The reason for their capture was for a life of crime in several countries which ended in Bolivia after a string of bank raids on the Union Pacific railroad. A letter by Butch says he wanted one last bank raid before retiring for good. His plan was to settle on a cattle ranch in the tropical paradise of southeastern Bolivia in Santa Cruz.
The Big Adventure Company resting in tropical paradise in Amboro National Park on the outskirts of Santa Cruz.

Authorities were notified that they were identified in one of Bolivia's oldest mining towns near Uyuni, the planned robbery would of effected the payroll of the locals who worked in the mines. The famous shooting took place in November 1908 and was immortalized in the filmA stop on our ride is to an old mining town near the final shootout where you can purchase dynamite and explore the mines.

A Big Adventure rider reenacting the role of a miner about to enter one of Bolivia's oldest mines 

During our Bolivia Motorcycle Adventure we ride of into the horizon with cacti surrounding us in the valleys towards Uyuni as the legends did on their final run. A horse can cover approx 30km a day, so to ride by adventure bike in this region is a true thrill.
The Big Adventure Company in Potosi

It is important that this region becomes a popular tourist destination as it is truly fascinating. Some of the old mining towns with a population of 300 or so have no clean running water, one public telephone for the whole community and rely on deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables by truck because the surrounding land is so hostile. If you have always wanted to visit Bolivia then enquire now to learn more on their culture and the legends of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
The Big Adventure Company fooling around in the train cemetery 

The Big Adventure Company admiring the picturesque landscape in Bolivia

Bolivia, we can't wait to come back. Until next year!

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