6 Things You’ll Only Learn on a Motorcycle Adventure

With pure adrenaline rushing through your veins and an endless stretch of road in front of you, there are few more exciting ways to see the world than from the saddle of a motorbike. Other modes of transport will get you from A to B, but if you want a real adventure, two wheels is the way to go. 

1. Bikers see things differently

There’s no experience that compares to riding off the beaten track on a motorbike adventure. The sense of freedom feels infinite. From windy paved roads to rural dirt tracks, a motorbike gives you intimate access to places travellers don’t normally get to experience.  You try amazing food, see spectacular scenery and meet fascinating people, all of which you’d never even have known existed if you hadn’t jumped in the saddle.

2. Your bike is much more than a machine

Bikers love their bikes like cowboys love their horses. Your trusty steed may not have a pair of soulful eyes, or an appetite for hay, but just like The Lone Ranger riding Silver through the Wild West, your bike is your ticket to all sorts of unforgettable escapades. An enduring bond like this is a beautiful thing, best fostered by the highs and lows of a big adventure.

3. The present moment is all that matters

A real motorcycle adventure helps you drop out of everything that doesn’t matter. Suddenly, day-to-day frustrations pale into insignificance as your focus shifts solely to the trail ahead. You become at one with every twist and bend, immersed in the raw power of the world around you. You certainly won’t give a flying fender about company sales targets when you’re riding at high altitude in the Nepalese mountains.

4. You can do more than you think

There are hundreds of people who’ll give you hundreds of reasons not to attempt a trip that’ll push you out your comfort zone. ‘It’s dangerous,’ some might say. ‘It’s too difficult,’ whinge others. We humans have a tendency to place limits on ourselves. A motorbike adventure is the perfect way to break them. And when you’re kicking back with a beer after an exhilarating day of riding, you’ll wonder why you ever set those limits in the first place.

5. People are brilliant

If you’re feeling world-weary, biking can restore your faith in humanity. In some of the harshest times – from flat tyres, to breakdowns, to getting completely lost – the kindness of strangers really takes you aback. Meeting fellow bike adventurers along the way also ramps up the good vibes.  You’ll never run short of conversation, because you have one common bond – biking. So there are endless experiences to share.

6. You won’t want to stop

It’s a testament to how awesome a bike trip has been when the first thing you do upon stopping is start planning your next trip. All it takes is to meet a fellow biker, hear their stories, and one adventure inevitably leads to another. From the salt flats of Bolivia to the Cambodian jungle, there are endless adventures in store for motorcyclists. And once you start, you’ll never want to stop.

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